What is true insanity?
Psychology has a few ideas what insanity could be, as for example hearing voices in your head. But I think that almost everyone hears some kind of voices and they are clinically still considered sane. Now, why would they say that one is more insane than the other? Start preaching about the pending doom of all worlds and everyone thinks you have a few screws loose, but write down the same thing in a book, we all praise that person as the most brilliant writer of all times. Basically, it is all just a matter of perspective. If you can find other people with the same “problems” which you have, then you have nothing to fear.

We claim that many of the dictators in the past were insane because of their ideology, but in fact they were only chasing a goal they believed to be worthy and noble. There were not only individuals, who were deemed insane, even institutions had pretty insane ideas. Unfortunately, depending on the governing rulers, it was a very thin line between insanity and creativity.

True insanity would lie in the most heinous acts humans could commit. Mutilating and making someone suffer while having a blast is a seriously demented person. The twisted dark corners of their mind have been corrupted by none other than society. No creature in the world is frantic, so why should humans be any different? Granted, we are easily influenced, but in our core we are just as much animal as any other creature; meaning that essentially no one is insane by definition, we slowly work our way to get there. As soon as you erase the border between morally good and evil, you are one step closer to falling over the edge and becoming the next insane train passenger.

The root of insanity and many other modern day illnesses lie in society. We are twisting and perverting natural rules and laws so that we as a specie can continue to strive. While we are becoming prime examples of how humans should look and act, on the inside our voices are slowly being muffled. Perhaps insanity is the last dying call of our inner selves to come to our senses. We have turned away from ourselves; we are more concerned with what others think rather than examining what we do.

Taking chances is considered to be a bold and sometimes insane move, but that is what makes us feel alive, that is what our inner self needs to do from time to time. Insanity is doing something over and over again while expecting different results.

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