They say that the kid that survives is the creative adult, yes, this is absolutely true. Think about it, when you are growing up, we are always told to act like adults, to never color outside the lines, to always behave our best. Yet, when we do grow up, we long for those carefree days when we could easily enter another dimension and become a pirate if we wished so. The days long gone, when we still had imagination. Not this new technology induced vivid imagination, no, a time when all we needed was a stick to create a whole new world full of wonders.

It was, and it still is easy to power on your imagination. You do not require any special skills or training, just simply close your eyes take a deep breath and imagine away. If you even stop for a second and think that it is impossible because life is too fast or because of stress, just no, that is utterly untrue. Our dreams, our imaginary lives and worlds are ours; nobody can take that away from you. The moment you stop believing, that very moment, you become a full-pledged adult. Imaginary fun is not for kids only.

Remember that time when you were afraid of the dark? We were not afraid because there was something lurking in the shadows, we were afraid because we knew that something could be there. The sheer number of monsters and other creatures hiding in the corner of our minds is so vast that only a kid’s mind could handle it. And now that we are all grown up, now we have only one fear: paying the bills. We have lost all our adventurous senses, no more lava flowing through your living room, no longer being the captain of a space ship. Most importantly, there is no more room for out other selves, our important and most cherished characters.

We are becoming more and more reliant on imaginary steroids. High definition is great, truly is, but it can and it never will be able to hold a candle to what we see when we are imagining dragons. Playing video games or watching a movie, all of that is only what one person imagined. We are basically able to enter someone else’s imaginarium. Although being able to do that is awesome, it raises the question of whether that is enough to sate the kid in you?

You can do much better than what a few men created, it is only how they see that world, we are all different and we will all have different interpretations. The best way to create a sensory induced imaginary world is to read a book; it just might be the only key to a multitude of multiverses. Do not let your inner kid starve, if you can grow side by side then the sky is the limit.

Only with an open mind and true creativity will we be able to create wonders.

By Dejan Vicai


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