I am there

I am there when you fall to rise you,
and, of course, always to save you.
I am there when there is silence to scream,
but also when there is nothing to be seen.
I am there to listen to your voice when you whisper,
and to listen to it as it disper’.  (disperse)
I am there next to you as you listen to the good news,
but also during the drinking of the dews.
I am there to look into your eyes,
and to protect you from all lies.
I am there when there is darkness outside,
but also when there is no courage nor pride.
I am there to listen to the sound of your laughter,
and to listen to you in tranquility or disaster.
I am there next to you when you need me,
but also when you’re on the shores of a sea.
I am there when I’m not on your mind,
I am there to always support you from behind…

By: Душан Ковљен

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Dušan Kovljen
Dreamer, author and artist - that's who I am. I'm trying to share my vision with the world, both in English and Serbian.

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