They say that greed is one of the cardinal sins, but in reality we tend to embrace greed as a personal right, and we distort the meaning of it, transforming it into a justified act. To be perfectly clear, greed is bad and there are no levels of how bad or good it might be. Usually people who have a lot already feel greedy, needy, and this unquenchable ‘need’ to acquire more and more grows heavier with the more they obtain. However, they already have everything and more, but in their head it seems like they will never have enough and they keep craving for what everyone else already has. Unfortunately, greedy people will never see themselves as someone who has a problem but they will cocoon themselves up in their own reality.

With the introduction to mass media and the Internet, we are being bombarded with articles and news of what is new and what everyone should have, actually must have. We are constantly being pushed into believing that we need more and more to be happier and that what little we already have is not enough. We should never settle to appreciating of what we have, rather we should focus our energy into desiring more. The sad truth is that the well-oiled economical machine cannot survive without people buying new and improved pieces of unnecessary equipment which only causes more problems than they would solve. Buying new technical products feels awesome, but do we really need it?

On the other hand, we are being told that if we do not wear and use brands that we are nobodies, and of course after a while people will get greedy because they will want more fictional approval of the community. Seems like today we only crave for material so that we can fill the spiritual void gaping inside of us, perhaps deep inside greed is our way of running from admitting that we are spiritually barren. It is laughable because the more we strip ourselves of our own dignity and humanity the more we will be accepted as a prime example of humanity.

There are people who have completely crossed the line between rational thinking and greed-filled lust for more, and those affected will keep taking a step further to get a little bit more, all the meanwhile stepping on everything and everyone they love and respect. Their hunger keeps growing with every purchase until our moral compass keeps withering away. Greedy people have a small twisted reality of their own where everything is justified and not condemnable, moreover, whatever you as a friend might do to pull them back to sanity will seem as an act of hostility.

Greed is only one step away from the other accompanying sins, and once you cross that thin line turning back is almost impossible.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a clearance sale on used laptop keyboards… catch you all later.


Written by Dejan Vicai

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