Ever wondered what people really think about you? You do not have to look for a psychic or ask the otherworld for guidance, simply tell your friends that you have heard what they have been talking behind your back and they will dish out every single detail. Just when you think you know someone you find out that there was a whole ‘dirty’ page in their book about you. Everything went well until the Gossip Nation attacked.

Most of the times you only hear about what people really think about you when they start gossiping, and almost always the good stuff is either heavily made up, or even worse, so misinterpreted and twisted that people usually believe all of it. Overnight you miraculously turn into a savage who eats baby seals for breakfast and acts as a double agent for the Devil and the Pope. All because you did, or said, something that someone found extremely impolite, although probably without any real reason, and now they are spreading vicious lies that secretly you are an Illuminati spy.

Thank-God-for-all-the-gossip           We all like to hear a good gossip once in a while, but the point is not to take it seriously nor to spread idiotic lies that could ruin someone, because a gossip’s sole purpose is to destroy relationships, to unveil secrets which should never see the daylight. The problem with Gossip Nation is that nobody confirms any information; all of it is based on a random-citizen saying that Bob from around the corner is a drug dealer, whereas he needs anxiety pills. It all starts with a little spark of insanity.

Jealousy and envy are a dangerous couple which makes people assume the most biased situations, and more often than not it is based on pure appearance without any background knowledge. We have no idea what that person went through nor why they do what they do the way they do it. Having a formed opinion about someone is nice, but unless you can show a reference list please, shut the hell up.

Worse than spreading intricate soap opera plots is that the people who usually start it, after a while, begin to believe their own lies, combine the herd effect of people and then you have a room full of misguided souls believing that melons are actually bioengineered apples. People still need to grow up and accept the fact that everyone is different. Every single person is unique and different. Not everyone listens to the same music, not everyone eats the same food, and especially not everyone thinks the same way. Just because someone has different views or beliefs does not necessarily mean that they have no clue about the world, instead of being a biased judgmental nutjob, offer a helping hand and be the best you can be.gossip

Sometimes though, you need to get things off your chest, and most of the time those thoughts feel like gossiping, but if you are confiding in a friend, you are looking for guidance and asking for help, you are telling them what you feel so that you do not start a rumor. Moreover, when you hear it aloud what you think may help you realize a grave mistake you could make, and your friends can also tell you not to do it, or in the worst case scenario beat some sense into you.

Do not believe everything you hear or see, unless you can confirm it with hard facts. That is the beauty of the modern age, at your fingertip you have all the knowledge of humankind, and you can instantaneously find out whether someone is being stupid on purpose or if they are genuinely oblivious.

Question everything, do not take anything for granted. Help fight the Gossip Nation.

By Dejan Vicai

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