A gentleman opens a door for a lady, he pulls the chair out, he brings flowers, he is sweet, charming and never goes overboard, he never thinks of himself first. Always behaves and dresses for the occasion and is never late. However, a gentleman does not exist anymore. The sad truth is that gentlemen are hard to find. Even as part of the male populace I have to admit that this unfortunate fact is more than a real thing.

Now, wait, let us not jump to conclusions. There are normal people in the world, although, I assure you they are not underpants-round-my-ankles-Imma-punch-your-lights-out yahoos. Being a gentleman, no, being a normal person is not that hard. I guess that times have changed and we should act as primitive slobs to be a somebody. No! I refuse. There are people out there who still know what etiquette is and how to use it. Although, there are people that treat others as dirt and still get away with it.

However, it can be argued what today’s definition of a real gentleman is. It does not have to necessarily be someone who follows the rules to the point. The idea is that you try. You do not have to change into someone who will run to open doors for ladies, emphasis on the ladies. It is important to try, use baby steps. Maybe be a bit more considerate or surprise her with a small gift. Do not expect people to treat your nicely if you act as a complete yob.

Chivalry is not dead just yet. Sometimes though, you have to practice it with more force. Common courtesy, just like common sense is another thing we will soon be forgetting, and people are not even bothered by this, that is truly terrible. The new generation of hashtaggers is slowly taking control, go find shelter, now, run. The time to mend and re-educate is nigh but who will be our new idol?

Being a gentleman does not imply that you have to be the “perfect” man. It also means that you are a man. Yes, that small thing separates men from boys, and as things are now, it seems there are a lot of boys running around this world. But, boys will be boys, right? No. Boy acting like men, more like it, now let that sink in. Right?

Even worse is the fact that not only gentlemen are becoming extinct but it seems that ladies are becoming a rare species too. Eureka! Perhaps the reason why boys are behaving like backwater idiots is because girls are acting less like women and more like a barbie dolls? Probably one of those cause and effects thing. To those who still know left from right, hang in there and never give in. Resistance is not futile!


By Dejan Vicai

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