Watching horror movies with friends is as scary as a turtle hitting you with a spoon. But, watch the same movie alone, in the middle of the night, in the dark, and things change pretty fast from terrible to horrifically scarred for life. It isn’t the movie that gets you, it isn’t even the plot, it is the slightest most insignificant chance of something like that movie happening to you. You don’t feel like that? Is it just me?

People deal with a lot of fears on a daily basis, some have even stronger fears such as phobias, and on the other hand we have people with phonias. Now, a lot of people have a kind of phobia; maybe not so intense, maybe not until later in their lives, maybe even new ones like twerkophobia, but it is really stressful and people need a lot of time and patience to deal with them.

They say the best way to face your fears is to dive head into whatever you are scared of, this is generally true if you are like afraid of a pool of pudding. I would definitely dive into that! HOWEVER, when you have a fear of heights so epic that a chair looks scary, AND you decide to take that leap of faith thinking it can only do good, don’t. The. Scariest. Experience. In. My. Life. Times 10. I wish I could find the person who said that was a great way to deal with your fears and just punch him in the throat, with me feet.

There is a love/hate type of relationship you can have with your fears. Adrenaline is the body’s drug for handling stressful situations and when you are scared out of your skin it can give you that extra boost to not cave in and fall into the fetal position and cry. But, adrenaline can be very intoxicated, the feeling you get is indescribable. Sometimes you just want to push your very sanity to get that “fix”. Not to be confused with adrenaline junkies though.ID-10014443

There is no guarantee you can conquer your fears, but you can learn how to stand toe-to-toe with them, or even how to tip the scales in your favor. Some manage to cope with this and continue to live on as if nothing happened. Some, on the other hand, tend to find the darkest corner, curl up and shriek in pure terror.

            But one fear, the fear of all fear, the fear king, is the fear of the unknown. Nothing can terrify a person as much as that thing waiting in the darkness, lurking, sniveling, watching, hatching its evil plan to snatch you. Even worse than the fear itself is the brain that adds that extra zing to it by enhancing it a number of times, just to make sure you stay in the confines of your room, where it is warm and safe. For now.

            Running away from your fears is nothing to be ashamed of. However standing up and putting up a fight is true courage. Don’t fear the fight, fight the fear.


By Dejan Vicai

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