Ballet-Photography-YoungGeun-Kim01Movements of elegance and grace…
a single mistake is a big disgrace.

Push the limits of the perfection.
Stand ‘tween the real and imagination.

So, now…

Shadows dance. Change now what I see.
Movements are blurred by the Moon, an aria to lunacy.
Come, charm and bewitch. Come and dance faithfully.
Bring, in a moment, the tranquil storm above the sea, in me.

And then leave me…
Alone and forget me…

Swap the night and the day.
Sorrow and joy are the words that you must say.

If not with words, then write, or show.
Promise you’ll not trick me before you go,

Don’t leave me where…

Shadows dance. Change now what I see.
Truth and lies are blurred by you, the pathway to lunacy.
Leave, cleanse and pure. Leave towards that twilight sea.
Take away my heart, soul and all memory of you from me.

And then leave me…
Alone and forget me…

Whirl, whirl, whirl and dance! Here’s my chance!
I will be free! There’s no withholding, and no defense!
Whirl, whirl, whirl and dance; swing black wings over the fence!

The Sun, the Moon and the stars await, beyond the reality’s gate.
Far into the dreams I wade; the white and black define our state.
The great a fate, on slate await; as the dream readies to dissipate…

And where…

Shadows dance. Change now what I see.
The feathers are blurred, as the light guides me to lunacy.
On the tip of toes of fantasy, bring me my salvation’s key.
Go all over again from the beginning, as I count one, two, three…

And then be me…
When you forget me…


By Dušan Kovljen

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Dušan Kovljen
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